In Home Physical Therapy: Does It Work?

In Home Physical Therapy: Does It Work?

November 10, 2021

A person can receive physical therapy in a variety of settings. The hospital, a rehab facility, an outpatient clinic, a gym and in the comfort of their own home. Physical therapy in all of these settings focuses on improving a person’s mobility and function. It also helps manage pain following illness, injury or surgery. So why choose to have your therapy in your home?

1. Customizable Treatment

Did you know that the majority of falls happen in a person’s home? The most beneficial thing about having physical therapy in your home is that the treatment you receive can be customized to be done in your home using what you have available to you. Like every person, every home is unique and requires different physical demands to be able to navigate safely. When the therapist is in your home he/she can see the obstacles you face on a daily basis and tailor your treatment and exercises around this.

2. No Need to Travel

Maybe you no longer drive, or do not feel comfortable driving in the snow or rain. Or, maybe you have already been discharged from home health and physically cannot make it in to an outpatient facility. Whatever the reason, transportation is often a barrier to participating in exercise. With mobile physical therapy, that is no longer an issue. Your therapist comes to you so you do not have to risk traveling.

3. Save Time

Since your therapist is coming to you, you do not have to spend the time getting to/from the clinic or waiting around if your therapist is running a little late. People have busy schedules, save time by having your therapist come to you.

4. One on One Treatment

Your physical therapist with be able to provide treatment free of the distractions that a busy outpatient clinic has. With mobile physical therapy, all eyes are focused on you. In addition, it is much easier to maintain your privacy at home as opposed to a clinic where there are many other people around.

5. It is Convenient!!!

You do not even need to leave your home!

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