Vitality At Home Testimonials

Kristen Regester

Helen Mulder was phenomenal to work with. We felt an instant comfort with her. She was a very attentive and respectful listener. When we proposed inquiries, she had playful analogies to help us further understand the ‘why’s and ‘how’s to our questions. We would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks, Helen!

Jan Amato

I would highly recommend Vitality at Home for any physical therapy needs. Karen is the best PT! She is always on time, well prepared and listens to my concerns. She has worked with me to set goals for my physical condition and gave me the right exercises to help improve my problem areas. When an exercise doesn’t seem to work she is able to provide alternate exercises or ways of doing them that does help. Karen is also great at releasing muscle tension and helped me to get much better range of motion and balance. It’s awesome having a whole hour, one on one, with a physical therapist. You don’t get that going to a big office. I tell everyone about this company!

Sue Kris

Karen was exceptionally helpful to me. I was in a lot of sciatic pain. She showed me exercises to do for that. But most importantly she encouraged (pushed) me to see my doctor for high blood pressure. Once that was in control, she provided me with a daily exercise regimen which is working great. I have even resumed playing pickle ball! I highly recommend Karen as a therapist. And even more than that, as someone who truly cares for our well being.

Chris Carpenter

Helen was fantastic working with my father after his recent stroke. Very patient and understanding. Pushed him just enough to make some strides in his continuing recovery.

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Timothy Royer

We have had excellent professional therapy with positive results to prove the benefits. Quick response to questions. Helen has been creative and energetic and motivating for my mom and my dad. They look forward to her appointments.


Our experience with Vitality at Home has been very positive. The traveling service they provide is very convenient and needed for those who don’t drive. My Dad has been working with his Physical Therapist Liz and has made great progress in a short time. He has seen improvement in strength and mobility and because of that has better quality of life. Liz has and continues to be a tremendous help!