Bone Health In Grand Rapids

Reduce Pain & Increase Mobility

If you have been diagnosed with a disease that affects your bone health, we offer specialized physical therapy for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Back pain and postural problems are common in people of all ages. But back pain is especially prevalent in older adults. Low bone density increases the risk of fracture. As an in-home physical therapist, we start with the evaluation of body alignment and muscle contractions to diagnose the cause of a person’s postural problems or back pain. The bone health and osteoporosis physical therapy treatments focus on spinal realignment for improved posture and pain management for acute and chronic conditions. Maintain your mobility and protect your body.


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Cynthia Powsner

Karen is a very kind and gentle person. She is easy to work with. She seemed to really care about me and my health

John Smith

Karen is doing a great job helping me with my uneven walking from two total hip operations. I greatly recommend Vitality At Home.





8 sessions (1 hour each)

This package is designed for short-term goals and education.


16 sessions (1 hour each)

This package is designed for bigger goals and long-term strength.


24 sessions (1 hour each)

 This package is designed for clients who are setting big goals and desire long-term accountability.