Dementia Coaching In Grand Rapids

Dementia Coaching in Grand Rapids

Is someone important in your life living with dementia? Too often, receiving a diagnosis of dementia ends with a physician saying, “There’s not much we can do. Prepare to move to a facility, and good luck.”

You’re probably left with more questions than answers. When is it appropriate to stop driving? Can my loved one be left alone, and if so, for how long? Is there anything we can do to slow the progression of dementia? Will it get worse, and how soon? How do I handle difficult behavior? Can I keep the promise I made that I would never put my loved one in a facility?

The good news is there are answers to these questions! The journey can still be challenging, but we would like to help you find a path that includes autonomy, safety, dignity, and joy.

What Does the Dementia Coach Package Include?

We use a coaching model to ensure that our clients achieve the best outcomes possible for themselves and their loved ones. Like a coach in sports, we work alongside you, give you new things to try, and then fine-tune the approach until you have a winning plan.

The Dementia Coach package is a six-visit package of one-hour sessions. Additional topics will be included to fit your needs, but we will typically cover:

  • A thorough assessment of your loved one’s cognitive capabilities, with a focus on what they CAN do
  • Care partner support / preventing burnout
  • A customized plan for daily / weekly activity to engage and sharpen remaining skills
  • A customized plan for what to do when things “go wrong”
  • Recommendations for level of assistance for finances, driving, being alone, child care, pet care, cooking, etc.
  • Long-term plan to support aging in place (continuing to live at home), or staff education if your loved one lives at a facility
  • Any other concerns you have

When we coach families, one of the most common things we hear is, “I wish I had known these things sooner.” If your family is on the dementia journey, call us. You don’t have to do it alone.

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Chris Carpenter

Helen was fantastic working with my father after his recent stroke. Very patient and understanding. Pushed him just enough to make some strides in his continuing recovery.

Timothy Royer

We have had excellent professional therapy with positive results to prove the benefits. Quick response to questions. Helen has been creative and energetic and motivating for my mom and my dad. They look forward to her appointments.