Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith

Owner, Physical Therapist

Hi, I’m Jenna. I help older adults stay active so they can remain in their own home and do the activities they love. My goal is to empower older adults to reverse their thinking and no longer accept the “you’re just getting older” response from health care professionals and society!

As a geriatric clinical specialist, I saw a gap in the care my patients were able to get. In my experience, patients who visited outpatient clinics after surgery stopped doing their physical therapy exercises after discharge. They no longer had the accountability of a therapist. Others did not want to continue with outpatient physical therapy because they did not want to deal with transportation or receiving therapy in a gym full of young adults.

This is why I founded Vitality At Home. As a mobile, at-home physical therapist, I meet with clients in their own home or the setting of their choice for a variety of physical therapy services like fall prevention, health and wellness, and bone health.

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I am a Geriatric Clinical Specialist with a certification from the University of Michigan and certified to treat mobility issues in patients with Parkinson’s Disease using the LSVT BIG protocol.