Health & Wellness Training In Grand Rapids

Stay Fit & Active

Our health and wellness training sessions look different for each and every client. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, walk without a walker, or improve your mobility, we can work together to make a plan. Health and wellness physical therapy is one of our package options, and you don’t need a doctor’s note to start. We’ll talk about nutrition, exercise, and the importance of maintaining your overall health. As geriatric physical therapists, it’s our ultimate hope to help our clients stay at home and maintain their independence for as long as possible.


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Carol Meulendyk

I give Vitality At Home 5 stars. Their therapists are friendly and very knowledgeable. Best of all they come to your house.

Thomas Slendebroek

I really like working with Helen.





8 sessions (1 hour each)

This package is designed for short-term goals and education.


16 sessions (1 hour each)

This package is designed for bigger goals and long-term strength.


24 sessions (1 hour each)

 This package is designed for clients who are setting big goals and desire long-term accountability.