Return to Exercise Postpartum in Grand Rapids

Regaining Strength and Confidence: Return to Exercise Postpartum in GRAND RAPIDS

The months after giving birth can be a challenging time. Your body has gone through immense change and you likely feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Getting back into shape may be the furthest thing from your mind. But returning to exercise postpartum at the right pace provides huge benefits – physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s why Vitality At Home offers our personalized Return to Exercise Postpartum program for new moms in Grand Rapids. This tailored 6-8 week program helps women ease back into exercise in a gradual, safe way.

Who Can Benefit From Our Postpartum Exercise Program in GRAND RAPIDS?

Our program is designed specifically for women recovering from pregnancy and childbirth who are ready to:

  • Regain core and pelvic floor strength
  • Rebuild muscle tone and stamina
  • Improve posture and decrease back pain
  • Boost energy levels and mood
  • Safely lose the stubborn “baby weight”

Whether you had a vaginal delivery or c-section, our expert women’s health physical therapists customize your rehab plan based on your delivery and current abilities.
We help women feeling frustrated in their recovery or nervous to workout again do so in a way that makes sense for your postpartum body.

Why Getting Active Again Matters

Getting active is often the last thing on a new mom’s mind. But research shows that moderate exercise after giving birth provides major benefits, including:

  • Less Postpartum Depression: New moms who exercise are 25% less likely to develop depression.
  • Faster Recovery: Activity stimulates circulation to aid healing, especially after c-sections.
  • Better Sleep: 20 mins of cardio can boost nightly sleep quality.
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: The endorphins exercise releases are proven to fight anxiety.
  • Strength and Confidence: As you grow stronger, confidence follows.
  • Weight Loss: Light strength training helps safely shed “baby weight.”

Without adequate recovery care, women can suffer long term issues like pelvic pain, leaking, backaches, and feeling chronically exhausted and “not like yourself.” Our rehab program helps you avoid these pitfalls through gradual strengthening guided by specialists in women’s health physical therapy.

What to Expect: Our Postpartum Exercise Rehab Process

Getting back to exercise post-baby doesn’t happen overnight. Vitality At Home follows safe, gradual protocols tailored to your unique delivery and current abilities. Here’s what you can expect when you join our 6-8 week Postpartum Rehab Program:

1. Initial Consultation
First, you’ll have a 60 assessment with one of our pelvic floor physical therapists. We’ll review:

  • Your delivery method and complications
  • Current pain levels and symptoms
  • Goals for recovery and exercise capability
  • Based on this, we design a customized rehab plan that progresses at YOUR pace.

2. Gentle Core and Pelvic Floor Strengthening
We focus first on gentle breathwork, core bracing, and pelvic floor activation. The delicate stabilizing muscles here MUST be protected and strengthened.

  • Breathwork: Regulates tension, circulation, recovery
  • Core Bracing: Supports and protects the spine and pelvic floor
  • Pelvic Floor Activation: Stabilizes organs, prevents leaking and prolapse later

These gentle exercises build an essential foundation before progressing activity.

3. Cardio and Strength Training
As core strength improves, we incorporate:

  • Low impact cardio like walking, swimming, stationary bike
  • Light strength training for arms, legs, glutes, and abs
  • Stretching tight, tense muscles

All customized to your pace and current fitness level. No intense HIIT workouts just yet!

4. Ongoing Assessments
Every 2 weeks, your therapist will reassess:

  • Current pain levels
  • Energy/endurance
  • Strength/movement progress

Adjustments are made based on your progression and postpartum phase. You’ll receive updated home exercise plans to match.

5. Transition to Independent Exercise
In the final stages, your therapist helps develop an appropriate independent workout you can sustain post-discharge based on your lifestyle and preferences. This ensures you continue progressing fitness while avoiding injury risk. You’ll get strategies for modifying intensity based on fatigue, modifying exercises based on pain, etc. You’ll be armed with the knowledge and confidence to keep a smart fitness routine as your body continues changing postpartum!

The Benefits of Our Postpartum Exercise Program in GRAND RAPIDS

While getting active postpartum has universal benefits, our customized rehab program leverages personalized therapy for advantages like:

1. Confidence and Motivation
Too often, new moms lose the confidence once found in their pre-baby body. We rebuild this by setting realistic goals tuned to YOUR body that bring tangible progress week-to-week. Small wins keep motivation high!

2. Specialized Care
Our women’s health PTs understand the unique changes involved with pregnancy and postpartum. We create tailored plans reflecting that, not generic gym routines.

3. Patient Education
You’ll learn the “why” behind each exercise prescription and how to listen to warning signs from your body. This prevents future injuries and empowers your health journey.

4. Accountability and Support
We track progress, provide coaching and encouragement, and problem solve hurdles together. You’ll never feel alone in this challenging transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rehab plan or exercise hurt while I’m pregnant?
The exercises prescribed should NOT hurt during pregnancy if performed correctly. We tune the workout intensity to avoid pain or excessive fatigue.

What does a typical physical therapy session involve?
Sessions involve:

  • Discussion of pain levels, energy levels, etc since last visit
  • Assessment of current strength capability
  • Instruction of new exercises to progress rehab plan
  • Guidance on proper form and intensity
  • Modifications based on your feedback
  • Clarification on concerns, questions

What if I experience pain during the programmed exercises?
Stop right away if any prescribed exercise causes true pain. Simply alert your therapist who will adjust to avoid discomfort. Some muscle soreness and fatigue from a gradual ramp-up is expected. But sharp pain means we need to modify the exercise, intensity or volume accordingly. Your therapist is there to walk you through this process.

Meet Your Postpartum Rehab Team

Vitality At Home’s Postpartum Exercise Program is led by this specialized physical therapist:

Karen, PT
Karen focuses on pelvic health and women’s health physical therapy. They guide new moms through safe postpartum recovery and fosters customized exercise based on current ability.

Begin Your Postpartum Strength Recovery

If you delivered in the past 12 weeks, our Return to Exercise Program can provide immense physical and mental benefits as you navigate new motherhood. We guide you through gradual strengthening tailored to YOUR postnatal stage and current abilities. The specialized care empowers women to rebuild fitness, confidence and quality of life. To get started with a free consultation, contact us. We look forward to helping you on the journey back to your pre-baby fitness and health!

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Jenna Smith ignites movement in patients facing Physical Therapy. Their years of experience and dedication unlocks physical potential for a better quality of life. At Vitality At Home in Grand Rapids, Jenna Smith wields a patient-centered approach, wielding cutting-edge techniques and bespoke care plans to conquer a vast array of physical challenges.

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This is a most amazing organization! I lead a Parkinson Caregiver Group — and several of my caregivers are using the in-home therapy services. I hear great reports of how wonderful and beneficial the therapy is! 


Jenna is working with my 86 year old mother. Jenna is so knowledgeable and caring. Mom isn’t very motivated, but Jenna manages to pull out some “fight” in mom. Best PT we’ve ever worked with. Thank you Jenna!!!